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Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 1 month ago

Biographical notes


This is a sample of the sort of thing you might want to put up, so that your recommendations carry some weight. Remember: What you post can be seen by ANYONE... be careful.

Please try to maintain something like the format for these pages, at least down to here? I recommend that you put your Schtuff username in the second line... your pages are going to be flagged with it anyway. I recommend that you name your page biofred if your Schtuff name is fred.

So much for the planning of the wiki!


Born early 50s'. Male. "Proper name": Tom Boyd. (You can find that anyway, in my case. Some of you should reserve that information!)

Taught in what the British call a prep school for many years, first science, then computing. Also taught at the secondary level, and, in US terms, freshman college level courses.

Taught at schndpsecond in late 70's <- An example of showing people about your school. "ndp" for Nom de Plume.... I don't want to name the school, given the hasty entry lashed up for it.

There's lots more about me on the web... I sell software over the web.

Live in southeastern England.



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