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computer software

for 8 to 13 year olds

Please build this branch of the tree as follows...

NO COMMERCIAL ENTRIES, please. I.e. if you supply "My Wonder Learner", please do not promote it here. Get a happy customer to do that.

Welcome: Personal recommendations of people who know about working with 8 to 13 year olds on computers.

Please don't be overwhelmed by the following author's guide. I will try to send "customers" to a better entry point!!


Please structure the tree as follows:

a) Heirarchy of recommendations

b) Separate pages with details of any specific program you wish to recommend. Page name: Start with pd? (Product Details), and if there are several products from one software house, a single page for the software house, name starting sh, and if you recommend someone other than the software house as the retailler, a page for the retailler! (Name: start with rt!) (See example at the Free Graphics Tools page.

c) Separate pages with reviewer biographies. Page names: start with "bio"? (The site's creator: biotkbsch. Please DO NOT list too many specifics... especially your address, etc. An email address? Maybe... if you want to risk spam. Your personal or school website might be better. It, of course, may have (protected, by you, I hope) ways to contact you via email or forms. That's okay with me, and, I think with Schtuff. (Just be careful that the website doesn't contain things you don't want the wrong people to have, e.g. your address.) Why worry? Suppose you mention "I'm going to be on holiday, 25-30 June". Do you want ANYONE to be able to visit your house then? CARE: You may have signed up with Schtuff with an obscure "user name"... but it won't be hard for readers to match Stuffit names with biographies. Dates will often be important, e.g. "At 5/06, I live in Sussex, England."

d) Separate pages with school profiles. Page names: start with "sch"? Be careful that you clear anything you post with the relevant authorities. I don't think anyone can complain if you say that Eton College is a boarding school in Berkshire (is it still 100% boarding?)... but do not post the home phone number of the school's senior teacher! You might want to make up names, as I have done for ndpSecond, on the page called schndpsecond. "ndp": Nom de Plume...maybe everyone could start their pseudonyms this way... "second"... so I know which one I'm taking about.

Seems like a lot of "overhead"? Maybe... but if the resource grows, it may be "overhead" with benefits. Before I buy program "X", I want to know who is recommending it. If "Fred" thinks it's good, but "Fred" teaches at ndpSecond, which was a small school, and I work in a huge school, will it meet my needs?

Part of the reason for the design of the overhead is drawn from the philosophy of relational databases... any item of data shold appear only once. So, my biographical details are in ONE PLACE, even though they will be referenced at least as often as I review individual software packages. The package "Open Office" may be referenced by multiple reviewers, but it will (should!) have just one page telling yuou the basic facts about it.

Please consider seriously signing your recommendations. (I think the wiki will "give you away" anyway.)

Please remember that The World can read this. If there is something country specific about the product you are recommending, be sure to mention it. I'm sorry, but with x% of the world's wealth, and 250 million potential webizens, I think we must assume at this site that if nothing is said, then the product is suitable for use in the USA.

So....On to the Good Stuff....

Free Programs.. including you-can-use-forever demos

Not free

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