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Getting invited

Schtuff "spaces" (wikis) are under the control of their managers. The managers decide who can see the pages, edit them, add comments (sort of an "append only" edit permission).

If you think you would be a good contributor to a wiki, you simply let the manager have the email address (eddress... my word!...) that you would use for your Schtuff work. The manager then enters that into the Schtuff system from his wiki page; Schtuff sends you an email. You click on the link in that. It takes you to a Sign Up / Sign In page... You'll have to register with Schtuff, but you can do it at this point, if you haven't done it previously, and it is painless. What happens after that? I don't know! I couldn't go any farther without registering as "another" Schtuff user, which

seemed silly. Extend this note!

To contact this wiki's manager, get eddress from


At the present time, only staff of British private schools with some children in some part of the range 8-13 years old are invited to apply for permissions to the space, or "known" contributors to the SATIPS ICT mailinglist. If you are applying, if I don't know you, I MIGHT phone your school, just to check, so please supply school name and town. I will get a phone number from Google, for reasons which will be obvious, if you think about it.

So much for the Fierce Stuff. I doubt it will come to the above, and if you don't fit the profile, feel free to ask to register anyway... just tell me a bit about yourself. But I reserve the right to decide who does or doesn't get edit access! Tom

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