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This page is just for discussing the naming of temporary email addresses which might be machine generated in the midst of the disaster management.

If someone is going to hand out email addresses for some reason (the pros and cons of that should be discussed ELSEWHERE!....), then the following should(?) apply...

a) The eddresses should be easy to remember. I hope one ISP would step up to the project, so, perhaps, all of the eddresses might share....


In front of that, we need something that is

i) Easy to remember, get right.

ii) Hard for spam engines to guess.

iii) (Perhaps) Easily machine generated. I envision a situation in which people put themselves (or are put in by a disaster relief worker) quickly, easly, and go away with their eddress/ password without having to go through the usual sign up procedures.

How about the following:

Start with a 6 digit number, e.g. 529123

Create a two digit hash from the random number by an obscure algorithm. Let's say the result is "32"

Convert the 6 digit number to two short words, by a simple lookup of, in the case of the example, the 529th and 123rd word in a 1000 word word-list.... but! Have TEN lists. In the case of our example, use the 529th word of the 3rd list, and the 123rd word of the 2nd list.

The user's eddress starts with those two words, and then a third word is added, in our case the 32nd word, from a further list.

So.... the user's temporary eddress might end up....


... fairly easy to remember, and very hard for spammers to get by "chance". Even though they can see many eddresses in the system, just shuffling the words they see won't be enough to come up with valid other eddresses.

All of this mostly off the top of my head... apologies if there are silly mistakes in the logic.... just post a comment to shoot me down! And imrpove the proposal!

A similar discussion (and answer?) applies to the question of passwords for the accounts.

Click here for the parent of this page, discussing temporary email acounts more generally.

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