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Telephonic Solutions to the problem of reconnecting people after an upheaval.

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I've heard that the following was implemented somewhere, sometime. Does anyuone have the details, please?

It would be possible for phone operators to set up a number which anyone could call. When they did, the phone operator's computers would "say", "Press 1 to confirm you are okay. Press 2 and try 911 if you need help."

The system would record the caller ID, and in the case of mobile phones, the location of the call, and then hang up. First benefit of system: Calls are kept short, so that the system is minimally stressed.

The system would then add to an internet accessible database that the call came in. Obviously(?) the "need help" responses would not be available to the general public.... but if I knew that my friend's mobile number was 1-234-5678, I could look in the web database instead of tying up a circuit, and/or waiting for him/her to be off the line.

To overcome: How do we let the victims know the number to call, and how do we let the public know the URL to access?

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