Ten Year Olds' Ways To Save The World

In our English class, we each made a list of the things we thought were important.

Then we chose partners, and made one list of the five things we thought, together, were the most important of the things we'd thought of by ourselves.

Our teacher then made a list that covered everything on every pair's "list of five", weeding out the duplicates.

We then had a class discussion, and lastly voted to make these two lists....

Things that need attention, and we think something could be done, if only....

Less fighting in different places.

Better medicines.

Less overpopulation.

Things that need attention, and we're not sure what can be done....

Attacks by terrorists.

Bird Flu.

Too many people with too little food.

If you want to discuss any of the above, go to it's page, by clicking on it, or start (or ask your teacher to start!) a discussion if there isn't one already. Start the name of the page with "imp10d" and add something like, for instance, "bf" for a page discussing "Bird Flu"

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