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Our School

We have about 400 boys and girls aged from 8 to 13. We have 20 teachers, but they wouldn't tell us their ages.

We are in a medium sized city, but have about 10 acres of playing fields.

The school is funded by the taxpayers.

You can learn more...

An 8 year old's day

A 13 year old's day

We are taught in groups of about 30, with everyone in the group being about the same age. Usually you start in what we call "Form 1", and go up a form each year. There are several groups of children at each form level. To save confusion, we will generally speak of what, say, an 8 year old does/ thinks/ sees, etc, instead of saying "Form 1"

Things 10yos ("year olds") think are important

Questions for other school from 12yos

Pages by individuals. Note that you won't see their names, but if the identifier starts with an "A", they are from school A, with a "B", school B. Next is a number... that is their age. The rest is just their user id, it won't mean anything to you, but it will let you see when a different person is speaking.

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