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Challenges for "PwrDemand_1"


To meet the following challenges, you only need a "basic" NoviceGuard and NovGrdCore... and you will be plugging in certain daughter boards. Not "just any old" daughter board. You will need advice from your mentor as to what daughter boards are allowed under "PwrDemand_1".


You will not need an auxilliary power (voltage... not the same, but related) source.


See the relevant external web page for details of the "Power Demand Scenarios".


You can do the challenges without either... but they are written up in a way that will be most useful if you do have the PCB and the library.


Unless those daughter board ports are needed for a given challenge, users should have "the pull up resistors" on inPUR and inPLR. (The "pull up resistors" are discussed in the main NoviceGuard pages.)


Pot driven Blinky

Electronics engineers have a "thing" they call a "pot". (Short for potentiometer)

Plug one in via a daughter board socket, and get started with a whole bunch of things.... There are many environmental sensors which "boil down" to a pot.

Binky with Pot


Bigger and better Pot driven Blinky- Adding the Serial Monitor

(You "need" to do this one to learn about the serial monitor, if you don't already know about it.)


The free software we use to program Arduinos comes with a much under-appreciated tool called the "serial monitor". Undertake this challenge, and learn how to use the very useful serial monitor.

Blinky with Pot AND using serial monitor


WANT MORE?... There are many, many challenges which could be done with NoviceGuards set up as it was for the above. But I need to hear that people are interested before I'm going to put much more energy into this project.



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