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This page named "TransExtraLibraries" to say the following...


It is a page with a transitory existance. In due course, it will be subsumed into other pages.

It is about using extra libraries, in conjunction with an Arduino. The fact that we are also using a NoviceGuared is, as far as the matters discussed on this page is concerned, not particularly significant.



There is a LOT you can do with JUST....

1) a NoviceGuard

2) the free, optional, library NovGrdCore which helps make using the Arduino easy.

3) sundry simple "bits and pieces" to be plugged into the daughter board sockets.


However! It is the human condition to want "More".


For some of the clever things you can plug into an Arduino, you need to provide the development environment with some extra "libraries". (These are, happily, almost always free.)


The special, extra, libraries would probably be installed on the development machine by whoever is "in charge". The at-least-one-eyed king who is in charge of helping the novices.


But! it is not a complicated matter. It isn't something that needs a lot of thought. And it is one of those "do once and then forget" tasks.


Are you going to "clog up your system"? No. With the Arduino development environment, libraries are delightfully NOT "integrated". They are WELL integrated, as far as USING them is concerned, but your basic development environment remains very little changed. The libraries are more like discrete, independent files, from which things are "pulled in" as necessary. You DON'T (in general!) compromise your system by adding a library. Once in a long while, clashes, problems arise due to overlapping names. These problems are not terribly common, or difficult to deal with.


This page is mostly here just to be "honest" with you, and admit that for SOME of the fun things you can hook up to an Arduino (with or without a NoviceGuard) you'll be facing the slight, one off, nuisance of installing a library. There are many pages on the internet about doing this. I will try to provice links to some of them, if necessary.



USING the libraries, once they are available.


Let's say that you have installed a library for allowing you to connect a small LCD graphics panel to an Arduino, and that its name is LCDGraphicsXYZ.


Just like the NovGrdCore library I commend for all NoviceGuard work, once the library is available on the development machine, you just put....


#include <LCDGraphicsXYZ.h>


.... (or whatever the library in question is called), and "magic"!... you have extra things available to you, for programming the Arduino and talking to the clever thing you've plugged into it.


What those "extra things" are will be explained on the page from which you fetched the library.


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