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This page named "TransPgsIndex" to say the following...


It relates to some pages with a transitory existance. In due course, they will be subsumed into other pages.


This page is an index to those pages. It is not intended so much as a "home page" as a page to help me remember the pages I have!


Third Party Libraries


The first is a note about the issue of "third party libraries". NoviceGuard has its own third party library, NovGrdCore, which I heartily commend to you, for reasons expounded elsewhere. (Its use is optional, but the NoviceGuard pages will eventually all be written as if you are using it.


If you want to connect some of the fun things you can connect to an Arduino, whether you do it through NoviceGuard or not, you will often need a third party library. What are they? Are they a "problem"? Etc... read (more) about it at: TransExtraLibraries


The Twelve Way Connector


Across the bottom edge of NoviceGuard, there is a twelve way connector. It gives you access to almost every data line of the Arduino Pro Mini that you do not access via one of the eight which are especially easy to access. (The only two lines not brought out to one or the other are D0 and D1, which I generally "leave alone" anyway, because of their involvement in the Arduino's programming, and its built in serial monitor.)


Some dtails of the twelve way connector are already given in "finished" pages of the NoviceGuard site.


Plans for other "twelve way connector" matters are well formed, and I don't expect to encounter difficulties.


Implementing those plans has not got very far yet!


The main 8 inputs and outputs, the ones that feed the daughter board sockets and have services on the NoviceGuard board, have sundry protections proviced. And NovGrdCore already provides easy ways to access, use those. For instance, when you want the input at the upper left, you can refer to its pin as inPUL.


The lines accessed through the twelve way connector have no services or protection on the NoviceGuard.


Users will, for the moment, have to use the "normally banned" pinMode statement in conjuction, only, with these lines. Of course, for a novice, getting this right is a bit of a challenge. An unnecessary challenge. In due course, additions will be made to NovGrdCore to spare the novice having to use pinMode statements... carefully!


Furthermore, while the basic 8 lines are all dedicated either to input or output, the NoviceGuard "rules" do not lock down the lines running to the twelve way connector to one or the other. But that flexibility comes at a cost.


Users will have to be careful whenever they have something plugged into the twelve way connector. This is explored at TransTwelveWayChangeDevice


One of the virtues of NovGrdCore is that your novices don't ever need to use a pinMode statement. As long, for the moment, as they don't use the twelve way connector. I hope in due course to hide pinModes from them even there. These issues are looked at more fully at TransTwelveWayPinMode


Eventually, support for the twelve way connector will be proviced within NovGrdCore. There is none, at present. Discussions of plans, and eventually, what is provided, are to be found at TransTwelveWayNovGrdCore




======== NOTES TO SELF >>>>

(NEED TO DO SOMETHING (more?) ABOUT THINGS LIKE 1-WIRE, which can go in as a daughter board device... but use the data line both ways. Something already IN the page (or draft page!) about the DHT22, I think? It is suggested in connection with that to connect the SENSOR on an output channel. Consider that carefully, before getting too far down a road and having to backtrack!)


(WANT TO DO: SET UP color code system, for what modules can go where. Also a pinMode "code" for twelve way connector plug-ins.)


SOMEWHERE I've said that NoviceGuard gives you access to all Arduino Pro Mini data lines except D0, D1. I need to add AND A2, A3. The comment mentions the serial monitor, along the way of explaining why I "avoid" (I think I used that work) D0, D1. I believe it was on a twelve way connector page.


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